To handle all aspects of a conference from organizing the same as per subject requirement to BTL work like concept, design, onsite support, audiovisual, venue handling, translators, documentation and so on.
Ground support of corporates for their press launches and media interaction, working along with PR companies to ensure best industry standards in all aspects.
Corporate meetings and seminars – venue counseling to management, coordination and base support as required.
Memorable dinner management with all aspects of venue, menu, table decor, venue décor, entertainment and audiovisual requirements for the same.
Commending your team gets better with a display of success stories and honouring specific people for their contributions – we will take care of all the base works like venue, technical support, design, print and production support for you.


Creatively engage your brand and promote it using international artists, talents and other resources that we can provide
Different themes and different entertainment solutions can be provided and these can be designed around specific themes and choreographed to match the specific event at hand.
Be it a children fashion or an international fashion designer, our efforts are to put in limelight and make the brand the star. International models to casual shoppers can star in the customized shows we do. The décor, design and drama – all are take care of.
Using fireworks or screens that split, using robotic wagons, turntables or hydraulic lifter – or a simple red ribbon with gold scissors – we can take care of it for you: bringing in state of art technology or keeping it simple, we will give you a solution.
Pre sales of an item, décor, a sale, a celebration or a festival – we can streamline and personalize it catering to your needs.
Flowers and red ribbons work, so do haze machines and 360 degree projection – we have it all – talk to us to help you streamline the ceremony to make it a memory for all invited.


Designing and building Mall roadshow stands for corporates and other entities by offering services for venue discussion and management, concept, design, production, installation and site management for the show period including promoters and hostesses
Design and fabrication of outdoor experiences for product promotion and health activities which are more feasible in the cooler months
Involving the youth is a significantly stronger marketing ploy and we can cover universities with branding and product promotion targeted at that specific age group
Children end up influencing many purchases – this may include everything from food to toys to experiences and other features


Our in house design team, headed by our creative director ensures that complete design and concepts are individual worked out for all clients keeping in mind the trends that are current all over the world.
Working with our production facility ensures that you get what you see – with the facility producing carpentry, metal, prints and acrylic work along with support functions that enable complete support for any shows.
We have capability of organizing specific subject exhibitions of any scale and size along with ancillary programmes like conferences and meetings that go along with the show.
Specific stand and other designs are fabricated as per drawing instructions and we ensure quality that is acceptable the world over.



We make your digital campaign come alive! Our digital team will help you elevate your brand’s presence on the digital sphere!
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